How was your day?

Well the day just started! It’s 3;05. haha But as of 7/11, it went by pretty smoothly


:C Who are you! I’m sure you didn’t do anything wrong. If you did, it’s alright :C… Just let me know who you are at least. If you have any of my other social media/number, then just hmu!

I'm irrelevant now. But I'm sorry.

Haha I’m sure you’re not. Just tell me who you are.

I'm sorry.

Who are you.?


be my homosexual bae

my gae

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What to do now….

Should’ve been more considerate I guess. I has a glimpse of your past, and I guess I just didn’t take that into account. I messed up, but who knew it’ll end up this big. I tried my best to stick to plans, but I guess it was the wrong choice. Just wish I had a chance to change things I guess, but who knows, our paths may cross again. I did really care for you, and I never intended to hurt you, not had ever thought to, but you decided and I’ll acknowledge it, because maybe we may recover? I mean, the chances are quite slim… I did dig my grave even further underground. Anyways, take care, and may we meet again someday.

Just needed to voice my opinion. Sorry it had to end that way.

Getting real tired of everything. I don’t blame anyone though. It’s life I guess. Stage 1 : Denial

It just feels like shit to lose hope. Saying the words “I give up” is hard for me… But when I just can’t think of any other solution and it appears that things are going downhill, along with the cooperation of the partner, then I just give up. I can’t let things end in a worse way, so I ended it before shit got worse… But should I have given up…? That speck of hope being engulfed by the darkness within my mind… It’s just heartbreaking to even think about it, but what’s done is done.
See you then.

Is it too late to regret what I just said? The more I reread it… The more I regret it… I really don’t want this, but if it’s what you want, then so be it… Sigh